Future Self Now

I’m very pleased to announce the arrival of FSN workshops run by the lovely Anna and Hilit. (Click here to find out details of their upcoming workshops).


Anna Rae-Jones’s work aims to promote personal resilience and wellbeing via positivity, playfulness and connection to all the natural world.

Her practice is called everyleaf because every leaf on every tree has importance and purpose, just like every person does. We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

Anna has got to know Theresa Sansome and her Future Self Now practice over several years. She loved the FSN course and learned sustainable techniques which raise her overall level of happiness and enable her inner voice to clearly be heard. She believes in FSN and has practiced it so much, she is set to run these courses!

Anna Rae-Jones is a life coach, mentor, speaker, performer and group facilitator. Her people experience spans back over 16 years in the NHS and Social Care as an occupational therapist and earlier in S.E.N.D. education.

Visit Anna’s website www.everyleaf.co.uk for more info.



Hilit is a massage therapist with 20 years experience. In the past, until becoming a mum, she trained and practiced as a body-orientated psychotherapist. Hilit is now offering sessions that are a merge of both therapies.

Alongside her practice of a nurturing and attentive deep tissue massage, she also offers a space to be present with, and bring healing to, one’s emotional, mental, and physical self.

Attending the FSN training and workshops with T. has helped Hilit find herself again and reconnect to her path after feeling totally lost and blown away by motherhood. It has also helped her gain a clearer vision of the person she’d like to become (who has always been there!)

FSN is complementing Hilit’s practice of working with the shadow side, by deepening her clients’ sense of who they really are and who their higher self is calling them to be.