Future Self Now

About Future Self Now


child in wonderEach and every one of us from birth has had a sense of our full potential. (Remember that feeling of oneness, joy and wonder you felt around 3-5 years old where nothing seemed wrong with the world?)

The problem is that that innate, wondrous sense of ourselves can get buried over time. We hear its voice now and again – we sense it as a feeling of longing, desire or missing – but we can’t quite put our finger on what that voice is trying to say. We get waylaid by our current circumstances (“I’m too busy”, “I haven’t got enough money”, “I’ve got too many people relying on me”, etc.). We get waylaid by judgments from our past (“I’ve never been good at that”, “It’s selfish/frivolous for me to follow my desires” etc.).

In other words our Past and our Now are far too cluttered with ‘stuff’ to be able to get a clear signal from our inner knowing of ourselves. That ‘still, small voice’ speaks and we can’t hear it. The only way to get a clear signal is by turning to the new frontier – one that is unsullied by opinions, judgements and ‘things to do’ – the Future.

Our Felt Sense of Ourselves

We don’t look to the future in the traditional way of goal-setting and wishful thinking, we look to it to access a felt-sense of who we know ourselves to be. Goal-setting and wishful thinking are more often than not about trying not to be somewhere we don’t want to be. The Future Self Now process, on the other hand, is about listening to our deep inner wisdom and acting from there. In other words it is not a reactive process it is a co-operative one – one where you and your deepest-wisest-most-connected-to-source-Self work hand-in-hand to live your life to its highest potential.

What happens then?

It is clearly not enough just to sense who we are in essence, the real trick is to bring that reality into our present way of thinking and being. This is why the process is called ‘Future Self Now‘. The magic lies in seeing and feeling the truth of who we really are through our Future Self and then to start embodying him or her now. The more we BE like our Future Self now, the more he/she becomes our reality.

With the knowledge of who we really are (as embodied by our Future Self) we forever have a yardstick with which to measure our current choices and actions. “What would my Future Self do now?” becomes a very powerful means for acting from our most integrous/authentic core.

How does the process work?

In each session or workshop Theresa takes participants through a simple visualisation journey designed to awaken their inner knowing. It is a very simple process but very powerful. Once each participant has a sense of their Future Self then they are shown various tools for using the Future Self wisdom to guide them in their next steps. Participants also explore ways in which they can align on a daily basis with their Future Self.