Future Self Now

About Theresa

For over 20 years now Theresa (aka “T”) Sansome has been a Life Coach specialising in the unlocking of creative potential. In recent years this has taken the form of many workshops held both here in the UK and in Canada (where Theresa lived for eight years) based on Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’.

Working with so many people looking to uncover their full potential, Theresa noticed a tendency towards ‘pushing’ and ‘making things happen’ – in other words chasing something that always seemed to be out there. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it keeps our dreams and the realisation of our full potential out there too. Future Self Now was born out of Theresa's discovery that we all have the answers within us and these can be unlocked with the powerful Future Self Now visualisation.  

Theresa is now coaching and running regular workshops for individuals and businesses - helping to reconnect and align people with their deep inner knowing of their own greatness. 

Theresa is a mother of two and lives with her husband in Gloucestershire, England.