A new kind of intentionality

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it will take to move to the next level in my business in 2012. I realise I have got used to having a certain number of clients, a certain level of income. All fine but no longer in alignment with my Future Self who deals with hundreds of people at her talks and online.

How to bridge the gap?

  • I think I need to develop a new mindset. A friend of mine recently said to me “Are you hopeful around money or are you hungry?” I thought this was an excellent question. I haven’t had a real hunger up until now because of making the children my main focus and because, frankly, Guy has taken care of that side of things. Business has been good but I’m ready for bigger things. The hunger is here.
  • I need to be intentional and focused – strengthen my sinews. If I make a proper financial plan (for the first time in my life probably!) I’m sure that will help:
    • What is my hunger for? To earn enough to seriously invest in my business and for our family holidays.
    • What kind of yearly income will I need for that?
    • How many clients do I need to reach my monthly target?
    • What other sources of income can I generate?
    • What kind of team do I need around me? (I have just got PR help and that is so helpful. I have a website designer and a photographer. I have two coaches. They all barter with me. It’s a great system!)

Happiness is directly linked to feeling in charge of our own destiny, sensing ourselves grow and learn, and feeling that what we are doing is for a greater purpose. This new intentionality around my business definitely ticks all of these boxes. It may take a little getting used to but I can take baby steps – in the way I talk about my business and my goals and in the choices I make.

Watch this space!



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