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The house is in reasonable shape, the washing done, children have been picked up from school, fed and homeworked. Had a lovely lunch out with a friend for her birthday. Met some awesome new people. Sometimes happiness simply comes from things going according to plan and smoothly!

The challenge comes more when things feel unexpected and messy. I still love the idea of making it a point to ‘include’ these experiences. Another concept to consider is the ‘reframe’….

  • What’s another way of looking at this?
  • In what way is what has just happened to you, perfect?
  • What opportunities could spring out of the learning you are getting from this experience?
  • When you see this moment through the eyes of your Future Self what would he/she say about it? (“Ah, yes, I remember this! This was when I understood that what I really value is ….. )

In Future Self terms any so-called set-back is, in fact, a very clear moment of asking. In other words in these times when things seem to be going wrong what we are saying is, “what I really want is very different to this”. This energetic request is what helps shape who our Future Self is – Who We Really Are.

For instance, if you see a large telephone bill and have a reaction against it, you know then that you are a person who loves a degree of financial stability.  Great! Your Future Self, then, has no problem with money.

Sound a bit simplistic? The thing is that we often get stuck in patterns of lack and resignation about our fate. If we acknowledge instead that these feelings are not who we really are, (not, as I would put it, aligned with our Future Self), then we are half-way to finding a way forward.

“If this is not Me then what actions can I take now that are more aligned with Me and my Future Self?”

So next time something goes awry – welcome it. Reframe it. It all helps define who you really are. It all gives you clues about how to act now.

Follow these signposts – they lead to your Future Self!





Featured image by Raul Petri

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