Future Self Now Playbook

A chapter-by-chapter journey to reconnect you with your greatness. The Future Self Now Playbook is packed full of insights and tools to help you align to your best self in the here-and-now.

  • Learn how to identify your truest desires and take action

  • Listen to the wisdom of our inner self,
    embracing your Future Self

  • Become a skilled attractor

  • Live with joy and authenticity

future self now playbook

A chapter-by-chapter journey to reconnect you with your greatness

Chapter List

  • Welcome to Future Self Now
  • Week One: Future Self: The Essence of You
    • A note on the word ‘Future’ Who is your Future Self?
    • More about Inner Knowing
  • Week Two: The Law of Attraction
    • The Law of Attraction
    • Future Memories
    • Mind the gap!
  • Week Three: Feelings – Our Most Powerful Tools
    • The power of feelings
    • Dealing with others
    • The Path of Least Resistance
  • Week Four: Raising Your Energy
    • Deserving it
    • Being 100% responsible and trusting the Universe
    • Comfort, Nurture, Action
  • Week Five: Transforming Automatic Thinking
    • The science behind automatic thinking
    • Three ways to transform automatic thinking
    • The Energy Ladder
  • Week Six: Immersion
    • Fake it ‘til you make it
    • The importance of language
    • Some examples of immersion techniques
  • Week Seven: When Things Go ‘Wrong’
    • Coming from the energy of the solution
    • Flow
    • The Turtle Exercise
  • Week Eight: The Power of Intention
    • Step-by-step intending
    • “I want, I want, I want”
    • The Popcorn Game
  • Week Nine: Tending to the quality of your energy
    • Get happy by being happy
    • Clean Energy
    • Presence and Appreciations
  • Week Ten: Recap
    • It’s all about Your Energy
    • The practices
    • A breakdown of the tools for easy reference



I am actually living my Future Self now – As I look out over the distant hills from my terrace in southwest France, I feel goosebumps from an overwhelming sense of knowing—a déjà vu wrapped in a warm loving embrace: I am actually living my Future Self now!
Just over five years ago I had my first FSN session with Theresa Sansome and among the many details of my vision, one clearly stood out for me. My future self was living in France, in a stone house surrounded by lavender and overlooking a valley with long, distant views. As a Canadian living in faraway Canada, the whole thing seemed a romantic dream. But here I sit, almost six years on, living in France for the past five, in my own stone house overlooking a valley, and I am stunned by the synchronicities between that first session and now. More specifics from my original FSN vision continue to be realized and only help to sustain my conviction that this is powerful stuff. And yes, there is lavender all around me– and I continue to plant more of it. Who knew?! I knew. That is, my Future Self knew. FSN is a gentle and authentic path to a powerful manifestation of your life. Kudos to Sansome!
— Nance F. – France & Canada

“Working with T. has saved my life – in a way that is both profound and gradual, unthreatening and completely relaxing… T’s guided meditations felt like holidays – I looked forward to them each week and felt calmed and refreshed following them.  I was afraid that I would feel a falseness in the discoveries that I made, but the opposite was true; I simply felt comforted, relieved, and genuinely excited to be helped to come closer and closer to that which felt absolutely ‘me’…
Thanks to my work with T, I feel as though things can now fit into place in the most gentle and inevitable of ways…  I feel both more in control of my life path, and less worried about needing to control it. I am truly grateful to T, and will remember our work throughout my life, as a lovely turning point!” –Miriam G. – England