It’s easy to be happy on holiday!

We’re at Pyla – on the coast near Bordeaux at my brother’s partner’s parents’ holiday house. It’s quiet – nobody seems to come here in the winter. Yesterday we went for a long walk along the wet sand towards Arcachon. Happiness comes easy with time in abundance, plenty of sea air and nothing to do except enjoy each other’s company.


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  1. Love it!! xxxxx

  2. Hi T!!! Lived for two nearly three years very happily in Arcachon!! Send it my love. We lived at 119 Boulevard de la Plage! The beach was our back garden. You must visit ville d’Hiver up on the top where the Princes from Paris and Bordeaux stayed for their winter. Fabulous architecture…….
    Lots of love Jo xxxx

  3. Hey T! Great pics! Maybe try to get one of you with mostly sky in background – get the person shooting to crowch down more so that they are looking up at you and you are also looking up to the heavens?? Rxxx

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