How to feel abundant and economise at the same time

I had a dream last night that we were at Guy’s parents’ place. The visit was over but Guy kept wandering about the house, ignoring my requests to leave. Stuck!

I know what this dream is about – it’s about feeling trapped by someone else’s old habits. Guy’s new job in London means that he’s away for the week so last night when he was talking to me via Skype video about the need to watch the pennies right now, I saw him anxiously pulling his hand through his hair and rubbing his forehead (a sure sign he’s feeling stressed).

I completely get it – we need to economise for a while – but I’m not into all the angst that seems to be the default when talking about money. I simply do not believe that by worrying about it, the problem will get solved. Quite the opposite. This is an old way of being and I’m keen for us to break that mould.

The key to attracting more money, I’m sure, is to be a friend to money. Seeing it as difficult, elusive, fickle or even worse, hostile, simply will keep the healthy finances away.

So, faced with the reality of needing to economise right now (which I’m more than happy to go along with), how do we keep a vibrant attitude towards the ol’ spondoolees (cash)?

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Look at this as a time to try out new things – something to spice up the routine:

Say to myself: “Now I get to try out a new (cheaper) supermarket. Perhaps I’ll find some hidden treasures! Perhaps there are whole other brands of food that are even better. Or even more choice in some things. Let’s find out!”

Today I went to a different swimming pool because it’s quite a bit closer and therefore cheaper. I haven’t been before because I made up my mind ages ago that it’s scussy. I remember all that bad press it got about mould in the showers and hairy, muddy floor tiles. In the spirit of my new economising adventure I decided I must throw out old prejudices and be open to being surprised. I was! It was fine. Warm, much cleaner than of old and not too crowded. I came out proud that I’d been willing to look again.

2. Fantasise that I’m an old Wild West pioneer having to make do with a couple of sticks and a cactus plant.

OK, so I’m really only having to do things like give up my subscription to LoveFilm and Spotify (boo-hoo!), but it’s a thought that makes me smile. Next time I make a trip to our local library to rent a movie I’ll wear a scarf and cover myself in dust to look the part.

3. Have fun talking to my Future Self about how this was all just a phase and it all ends very well.

My Future Self is (of course) financially healthy and extremely appreciative of all she has. She’s a perfect person for me to talk to, (I have conversations on her on paper), about where we’re really going with all this, how this is just a phase and how to make it fun. She loves money! I can love money now too.

4. Practice abundance in other ways

  • Freshly picked flowers from my garden
  • A slice of special ham or old cheese from the deli
  • Creating a collage from old magazines of beautiful and abundant things
  • Fragranced drawer liners (wonderfully Victorian!)
  • Proper tea in a pot and fancy cup and saucer (loads in the charity shops)

 …. there are tons of ways of spoiling ourselves with little things which nonetheless make us feel a little decadent. Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance is an absolute treasure trove of such ideas.

What makes you feel abundant? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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