Out of action

  1. Oh T…poor thing!…get well soon! xxxxxx N

  2. Hope you get well very soon and are having lots of sleep, lots of love S x

  3. Oh sweetheart can I do anything for you? Lots of rest and drinking water and staying warm…. Love Jo xx

  4. Nasty bugs are….nasty!! Hope you’re feeling well soon and back up to your old tricks.

  5. thinking of you T…just back from our ski vaca..truthfully I wasn’t looking orward to it, as it meant over 9 hours driving each way myself with the kids.. So I asked my kids, as a family what three words we could have as our theme, so we enjoyed our vacation, and mommy didn’t spend unnecessary time stressed and anxious..We decided to live into “Funny Flow and Family” for our holiday – to find the funny, go with the flow, and hug/appreciate our time with our family lots ( we were with our extended family for this ski adventure).It ended up.it was fun! And as you remind me T, you get what you pay attention to…. highlights include, seeing a double rainbow after a torrential downpour that took out half the base of snow in one day, and seeing 3 deer at night on the side of the road, because my child HAd to go to the bathroom before we could get to the next turn off. As we came to the next roadside turnoff just down the road, I lamented she could have had a decent place to tend to her needs, if we’d “only known” the next stop would have something. She reminded me, that if we hadn’t stopped, we never would have seen the deer!!! Beautiful child. Lastly, My son and I figured out that if he just put his hand on my shoulder when I seemed to get anxious, I completely was able to ground myself and get out of whatever was ramping up the anxiety..Wow…what a gift. I figured out it has something to do with moments when it’s hard to tell which decision is better, and I start to second guess my decisions, (e.g. whether the GPS is right, whether we should stop for an hour or get take out and keep going, etc). So T , as you recoup and rest and recover, know your regular reminder to ask how happy we dare to be, is a conversation that lived through my vacation, thanks for that gift, Love Kelly

  6. PS Take deep care of yourself.

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