Sad in Cornwall

On holiday in gorgeous Polzeath in Cornwall.

For the past 20 years, (when we’ve been in the country), we’ve been coming here every year at this time with all our friends from our Oxford days. It’s a great tradition. Unfortunately it’s also a great tradition that is in danger.

Cracks are showing in some of the dynamics and things may look very different next year. It’s awkward and unsettling but also, perhaps, inevitable. In some ways it’s a miracle that we as a group (20+ of us), have been so attached for so long. We’ve even been abroad with each other 4 times – renting large chateaux and villas.

At the moment I’m sitting alone in the room you can see in this photo feeling sad. Change can be hard – especially when friends are hurting. But this experiment is all about reaching for better feeling thoughts so I will determine not to over-anticipate what might happen over the next few days and take one day at a time. I will trust to the natural flow that this wants to take. I will endeavour not to become merged with the upset. (This latter I know I will find hardest of all – these people, after all, are practically part of my DNA).

Above all I will try not to get distracted from the moment – the fun to be had by the sea with friends and family, the magnificent sea-scapes, the gusting wind, the rolling waves, the sand, sea-gulls and pasties.

One day at a time…

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  1. Thinking of you…..

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