Stop dreaming and start knowing

The pitfall with so many recent attempts to have us live into our potential – even the Law of Attraction, which I’m a big believer in – is that there can often be a misunderstanding that all we have to do is have a big dream and then positive-think our way into it.

Affirmations and visualisations will not work if the person doing them is coming from a place of, “my life is all wrong but if I throw these tools at it, maybe it’ll all get sorted out.” In these cases, using positive thinking as a weapon against the things we don’t want merely highlights even more the things we don’t want and therefore attracts more of the same.

Equally dreams – the act of creating an ideal world we wish to live in – can simply create the old carrot on a stick syndrome – forever pursuing something that we will never reach. In other words when we see our dreams as ‘out there’ – something to track down and persue then we merely attract more of the same – pursuing, chasing, pushing, hoping, fingers-crossed.

The Future Self Now process does not deal with made-up, wishful-thinking. It deals only with our knowing – that innate part of ourselves that has always deeply felt what our full potential is. It is only when we come from this knowing place that we can attract what we desire. Generosity, for instance – something we all know we are capable of – is only something that we can fully embody when we own it. We need to recognise it as ‘who we are’ and not something we’re ‘trying’ to do. Trying and owning: two very separate energies!

Pursuing a dream keeps that dream at a distance.

Owning a dream (knowing it is who you are) brings that dream to you.



Featured image by Roberto Nickson

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