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You are meant to thrive

You are meant to thrive. Every impulse in nature and the Universe is towards well-being. When we cut ourselves, Nature’s instinct is to do all it can to heal that wound. When environmental disasters like fire, earthquake and tsumami occur, it does not take long for Nature

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“Fake it til you make it”

The mainstay of my program, Future Self Now, and indeed all Law of Attraction thinking is the idea of feeling yourself in your Now as the best self that you fundamentally know you are. Some know this as ‘Fake it til you make it’. Although this is still

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Who’s your travelling companion?

I heard this great metaphor today which I thought I’d share with you. It’s about the way we treat ourselves and a great reminder to be kind. Imagine that you are about to go on a 5 day road trip with someone who’s recently been fired from

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