Teams and Organisations

I work with leaders and teams to create and implement your organisation’s vision. We use the Future Self Now techniques to tune to the Future Self of the organisation through the eyes of each individual’s Future Self.

FSN works because it uses envisioning techniques that allow participants to transcend current or past judgements, assumptions and biases.

To find out more download the Future Self Now for Teams and Organisations Proposal PDF.

A refreshing alternative to mission statements and goal-setting

• Creating an inspired vision not a manufactured one – the “Inside/Out” approach

• Using “unconscious intelligence” to leverage the richness of what is ‘not known to be known’ inside the core team and the organisation as a whole

• Creating a vision that transcends old archetypes, old habits of thought, old assumptions

• Creating a vision free from ‘group speak’ and unbalanced opinions within the group

• Creating a vision that secures a deep buy-in from the core group and ensures long-term commitment


Creating your future from the future

Future Self Now (FSN) creates a new vision that ‘thinks outside the box’ and establishes a new framework for operation based on what is possible and not what has come before. In all organisations it is important not to get stuck answering old questions that may not be relevant to the current climate or current status of that organisation. The FSN technology guides groups to create solutions from the energy of the solution, not the energy of the challenge, therefore fostering a much more intuitive approach.

The approach

1. Each core team member receives one 60 minute one-on-one envisioning session with Theresa Sansome. (Skype or telephone).

2. Theresa produces a report detailing the results of each of the envisioning sessions, relevant to the group vision.

3. The group and Theresa conference to ascertain a clear vision statement based on the results of the envisioning sessions.

4. A plan for aligning to the vision statement is drafted and either worked on at future sessions with Theresa or worked on in-house.

What organisations are saying about FSN

Out Of ‘Business As Usual’ And Into A Whole New Level Of Possibility

My board commissioned Theresa (T) to help us develop a bold new vision at a crucial juncture in our history. Most of our board members are pretty analytical types so I wondered how this process would work. However I can gladly report that everyone found immense value in the experience of working with T. to explore their personal futures and our organization’s future.

As Chair, I know that the vision that we have created so far is already permeating all our work and speaking to great benefit. If you want to get yourselves out of “business as usual” and onto a whole new level of possibility and achievement, I thoroughly recommend Future Self.

Rose Mercier – ChairInternational Policy Governance Association

We Have Created A Strong And Healthy Workplace

The work we have done with T. has given shape to how we have developed as a company, strengthened the bonds of trust and opened up communication between us as a team. This has led to us creating a strong and healthy workplace and increased confidence and belief – and an increasingly thriving business! T. is warm, supportive and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend T. and Future Self Now for any company wishing to thrive.

Lisanne Peters – Director, Red Horse Foundation, UK