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Working with T. has saved my life

Working with T has changed my life – in a way that is both profound and gradual, unthreatening and completely relaxing… T’s guided meditations felt like holidays – I looked forward to them each week and felt calmed and refreshed following them.  I was afraid that I would feel a falseness in the discoveries that I made, but the opposite was true; I simply felt comforted, relieved, and genuinely excited to be helped to come closer and closer to that which felt absolutely ‘me’….

Thanks to my work with T, I feel as though things can now fit into place in the most gentle and inevitable of ways…  I feel both more in control of my life path, and less worried about needing to control it. I am truly grateful to T, and will remember our work throughout my life, as a lovely turning point!

Miriam G. – England

I can see again

The process of going on your course and continuing to practice the techniques of FSN in daily life mean I CAN SEE AGAIN (see myself again, see things clearly, what is right for me, what isn’t etc – having lost that ability a long time ago). It’s like you are taking the role of an expert optician and have provided me with several pairs of new spectacles which make everything clear. I just keep practicing wearing them every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you (that’s past, present and future selves all saying it!)

Anna RJ – England

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So Many Great Insights

Just dropping you a thank you to say how much I appreciated spending the day with you yesterday. So many great insights you shared that I could really resonate with and go Yeah yeah that’s the way to do it! I very much love the concept of seeing others as their most highly functioning optimal potential selves and radiating that energy out to them. I think that is just such an incredible blessing and gift to give them in any moment.

Thank you for your encouraging words afterwards, your love and openness in allowing everyone to share personally without any ridicule or judgement. Can’t say enough good things about my experience, I am very grateful to have been a part of it.

Anna M. – Canada

How Fast Everything Has Shifted!

I am selling up and sailing away [across the world] with my family, which is just so exciting!

I keep reflecting back on the last 24 months and how fast everything has shifted since I began Future Self Now with T. I started out knowing I was stuck , not in the right place – everything felt uncomfortable. I cried a lot –  a  sure sign things were not right. But I did not know why life felt so hard. Work was stressful not a joy. It did not fit with my home lifestyle – the contrast between work / London / money , and family life was like living two different lives…. and one was not me!

I often wonder how much I have forced this, influenced it, and whether it would have happened without me seeking a change. But certainly having the knowing of my Future Self, helped me to have the strength to push against the situation I was in and to realise this adventure could be a reality, and I found a way to make it happen. We have tried lots of stuff in the past 2 years that we thought would be good for us – but no matter how hard we pushed, worked, tried – no good came of it. Whereas now, it feels so right, and everything is happening easily for us.

A HUGE thank you to T, for your guidance and support – for introducing me to my Future Self. It has been transformational for me … and my family.

Emily C. – England (and the oceans of the world!)

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I Cannot Recommend T. Highly Enough

Theresa is a sort of saint without the piety! She has delivered something out of me as a writer that no one else has managed. I am not alone in believing this. I have worked with her as a leader of a group and as a personal coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Annie M. – England

Out Of ‘Business As Usual’ And Into A Whole New Level Of Possibility

My board commissioned Theresa (T) to help us develop a bold new vision at a crucial juncture in our history. Most of our board members are pretty analytical types so I wondered how this process would work. However I can gladly report that everyone found immense value in the experience of working with T. to explore their personal futures and our organization’s future.

As Chair, I know that the vision that we have created so far is already permeating all our work and speaking to great benefit. If you want to get yourselves out of “business as usual” and onto a whole new level of possibility and achievement, I thoroughly recommend Future Self.

Rose Mercier – ChairInternational Policy Governance Association

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We Have Created A Strong And Healthy Workplace

The work we have done with T. has given shape to how we have developed as a company, strengthened the bonds of trust and opened up communication between us as a team. This has led to us creating a strong and healthy workplace and increased confidence and belief – and an increasingly thriving business! T. is warm, supportive and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend T. and Future Self Now for any company wishing to thrive.

Lisanne Peters – Director, Red Horse Foundation, UK

I Am Actually Living My Future-Self Now!

As I look out over the distant hills from my terrace in southwest France, I feel goosebumps from an overwhelming sense of knowing—a déjà vu wrapped in a warm loving embrace: I am actually living my Future Self now!

Just over five years ago I had my first FSN session with Theresa Sansome and among the many details of my vision, one clearly stood out for me. My future self was living in France, in a stone house surrounded by lavender and overlooking a valley with long, distant views. As a Canadian living in faraway Canada, the whole thing seemed a romantic dream.

But here I sit, almost six years on, living in France for the past five, in my own stone house overlooking a valley, and I am stunned by the synchronicities between that first session and now. More specifics from my original FSN vision continue to be realized and only help to sustain my conviction that this is powerful stuff. And yes, there is lavender all around me– and I continue to plant more of it. Who knew?! I knew. That is, my Future Self knew.

FSN is a gentle and authentic path to a powerful manifestation of your life. Kudos to Sansome!

Nancy F. – France & Canada

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Just What I Needed

Great – just what I needed to get me out of being so stuck in my life. I now feel I have some tools I can use to move forward. T. is lovely, really clear and obviously passionate about what she does. Fantastic day – I’m leaving feeling inspired and ready to move forward.

Alison C. – England

I Am More Powerful

I have really valued getting connected to this idea of Future Self. I have gotten more fit, managing my food intake better, able to relate to relationships more powerfully and find I am more powerful in my job – every time I tap into this.

Kelly C. – Canada

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A Clear Path Has Opened Up

Thank you Theresa – lots has changed since our session. A clear path has opened up and I’m walking through! You’re a star!

Brian A. – Scotland

I’ve Found A New Awakening

Many thanks for taking us through this journey of opening ourselves to the universe as we realign ourselves to all our dreams and potential. My eyes and soul have found a new awakening.

Jan S. – Canada

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Uplifting and Inspiring

Future Self Now gave me the confidence to believe I could be who I wanted to be, and the courage to announce that to the world.  I enjoyed the very practical ways in which T. showed us how to raise our vibrational energy to be in alignment with our true selves, and the ongoing support over the 10 weeks of the course was uplifting and inspiring.  Within 4 months, I had manifested a major part of my Future Self vision.

Nikki P. – England